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field data_type description
season numeric 4 digit number indicating which season(s) the specified combine occurred.
draft_year numeric Year that player was drafted
draft_team character Team that drafted player
draft_round numeric Round that player was drafted in
draft_ovr numeric Pick number of player
pfr_id numeric Pro-Football-Reference ID for player
cfb_id numeric Sports Reference (CFB) ID for player
player_name character Full name of player
pos character Position of player
school character College of player
ht numeric Height of player (feet and inches)
wt numeric Weight of player (lbs)
forty numeric Player’s 40 yard dash time at combine (seconds)
bench numeric Reps benched by player at combine
vertical numeric Player’s vertical jump at combine (inches)
broad_jump numeric Player’s broad jump at combine (inches)
cone numeric Player’s 3 cone drill time at combine (seconds)
shuttle numeric Player’s shuttle run time at combine (seconds)