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field data_type description
season numeric 4 digit number indicating to which season(s) the specified timeframe belongs to.
week numeric Week in season that depth chart is for. For 17 week seasons, week 18 reflects the end-of-season depth charts, and week 19-on reflect postseason depth charts. For 18 week seasons, week 19 reflects end-of-season depth charts.
team character Team that depth chart belongs to
season_type character REG or POST indicating if the depth chart belongs to regular or post season.
position character Position of player
depth_chart_position character Position of player listed on depth chart
formation character Side of ball that player is on (offense, defense, special teams)
depth_team numeric Position on depth chart
jersey_number numeric Jersey number of player
full_name character Full name of player
first_name character First name of player
last_name character Last name of player
gsis_id numeric Game Stats and Info Service ID: the primary ID for play-by-play data.