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field data_type description
season integer Draft Year
round integer Draft round
pick integer Draft overall pick
team character Draft team
gsis_id character ID for joining with nflverse data
pfr_player_id character ID from Pro Football Reference
cfb_player_id character ID from College Football Reference
pfr_player_name character Player’s name as recorded by PFR
hof logical Whether player has been selected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame
position character Player position as recorded by PFR
category character Broader category of player positions
side character O for offense, D for defense, S for special teams
college character College attended in final year
age integer Player age as of draft
to integer Final season played in NFL
allpro numeric Number of AP First Team All-Pro selections as recorded by PFR
probowls numeric Number of Pro Bowls
seasons_started numeric Number of seasons recorded as primary starter for position
w_av numeric Weighted Approximate Value
car_av numeric Career Approximate Value
dr_av numeric Draft Approximate Value
games numeric Games played in career
pass_completions numeric Career pass completions
pass_attempts numeric Career pass attempts
pass_yards numeric Career pass yards thrown
pass_tds numeric Career pass touchdowns thrown
pass_ints numeric Career pass interceptions thrown
rush_atts numeric Career rushing attempts
rush_yards numeric Career rushing yards
rush_tds numeric Career rushing touchdowns
receptions numeric Career receptions
rec_yards numeric Career receiving yards
rec_tds numeric Career receiving touchdowns
def_solo_tackles numeric Career solo tackles
def_ints numeric Career interceptions
def_sacks numeric Career sacks