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field_name field_type ftn_field_name order description
ftn_game_id numeric gid 1 FTN game ID
nflverse_game_id character game_id 2 Game ID used by nflverse - built from season, week, home, and away teams
season numeric year 3 NFL season starting year. Data is currently available from 2022 onwards.
week numeric week 4 NFL week number.
ftn_play_id numeric pid 5 FTN play ID
nflverse_play_id numeric play_id 6 Play ID used by nflverse, corresponds to GSIS play ID
starting_hash character hash 7 hash the ball was place(L = left, M = middle, R = right)
qb_location character qb_pos 8 pre-snap position of quarterback(U = under center, S = shotgun, P = pistol)
n_offense_backfield numeric back 9 number of players in the backfield at the snap
is_no_huddle logical nh 10 no huddle
is_motion logical mot 11 motion occurred on the play before or at the time of the snap
is_play_action logical pap 12 play-action pass
is_screen_pass logical scre 13 screen pass
is_rpo logical rpo 14 play is considered run-pass option
is_trick_play logical trick 15 trick play
is_qb_out_of_pocket logical oop 16 quarterback moved out of pocket
is_interception_worthy logical intw 17 interception worthy pass
is_throw_away logical qbta 18 quarterback thrown away
read_thrown character read 19 read the ball was thrown
is_catchable_ball logical cball 20 catchable ball(defined by throws that are generally on target that are not defended away)
is_contested_ball logical cnb 21 contested ball(defined by whether or not the receiver is facing physical contact at the time of the catch)
is_created_reception logical crr 22 created reception(defined by a reception that only occurs due to an exceptional play by the receiver)
is_drop logical drp 23 receiver drop
is_qb_sneak logical sneak 24 quarterback sneak
n_blitzers numeric blz 25 number of blitzers
n_pass_rushers numeric pru 26 number of pass rushers
is_qb_fault_sack logical qbsk 27 sack that is the fault of the quarterback
date_pulled POSIXct date_pulled 28 Date the data was retrieved from the FTN Data API by nflverse jobs